Sony Cyber-shot TX9 Waterproof Digital Camera Preview

The new inspirational designs afforded by Sony Cyber-shot TX9 makes it the latest digital device that has many possible capabilities. For the best capturing experience and picture editing this camera makes it possible by the fact that it has exceptional features that give it these abilities. One this that make it stand out is the features that have been incorporated into the camera and how each feature is strategically placed for the maximum capturing experience.  Sony Cyber-shot TX9 water proof camera can be used in various occasions and places and produce the best quality pictures. This camera provides a stylish way of making memories and catching those wonderful moments at birthdays, weddings and even trips to the beach or park.

Clutter Free Exterior Characteristics

Sleekness and sheerness are the two qualities that can best describe the exterior décor of this digital camera. Less clutter yet more functionality on such a device makes it a great invention in the digital world.  Some of the essential buttons, like the on/off, zoom and shutter buttons can be found on this camera and even so they are situated on one stripe on top of playback and toggling buttons. The other buttons that can be seen on the exterior of the Sony Cyber-shot TX9 water proof camera are the still and movie modes. The side of the camera only possess a small hook placed for the benefit of the wrist strap.

Clever Concealment of Special Features

One of the features that come withal digital cameras is the battery compartments and the LCD touch-screen displays. Although the battery compartment is hidden from sight in the underbelly of the camera it can be opened easily with the slide of a finger. This battery slot can also be used to access the memory card slot. A special feature is the Sony Cyber-shot TX9 water proof camera multi-opt stand. This makes it possible for the camera to be placed on a stand or surface and makes it possible to use the camera for other functions. The stand has been incorporated with various necessary output options like the USB slot, stereo slots and HDMI. When making a purchase of this camera it is usually accompanied by the various plug-in devices to be used with the stand.

Exceptional Picture Quality

The display screen or LCD of the camera enjoys the entire space at the back of the device. Moreover, it has a touch screen display that can be used to access the variety of modes and options on the camera using the finger or a paint pen. The picture quality is superb for such a digital camera. Furthermore, the Sony Cyber-shot TX9 water proof camera has other special features that make it possible to capture and amend the look of a picture. These are the Retouch, paint, rotate and even the 3D viewing options.

Take Photos in Style

Sony Cyber-shot TX9 water proof camera provide an individual the ability to make secluded individual shots even in crowded places. It has the features that make it a perfect accompaniment for birthday parties, anniversaries and picnics. It is stylish, sleek, has a clutter free exterior and other concealed features that makes it one of the best digital cameras in the market today.

You can buy Sony Cyber-shot TX9 in two different color versions. One is the standard silver, but the second is special pink edition.

Pentax Optio W90 Waterproof Digital Camera Preview

Pentax Optio is the latest generation of the great cameras in the world and the 11th generation of pentax cameras.  The waterproof digital camera has the entire body of the camera fitted with controls where camera can be held in and out of water without causing any damage to it.  It has an exclusive design and great features that ensure the production of high quality photos. The shooting performance of the camera is great; hence during a photo shoot the model gives a good and better performance as compared to other models. The features of the waterproof digital camera makes it the best choice for outdoor photo shoots and great adventures since one is sure no matter how harsh the weather condition is how rainy it is, the camera is well protected from getting wet.

The characteristics of pentax Optio W90 waterproof digital camera

The camera is characterized with an outstanding design that is very comfortable to handle and move around with it comfortably. It is relatively small in size and sophisticated feature set which offers great images and a variety of shooting options. The shooting options therefore offer you a wide range of environs where you can take your photos. The camera has a short battery life owing to the high quality and high definition photos that it produces. Hence to avoid any inconvenience it is important to have spared batteries, just in case the ones you are using runs off. It is light in weight because of the plastic material used in making the camera.

Special features of Pentax Optio W90 model

Pentax W90 is a rugged compact model and offers easy portability.  It has a great tougher body for great performance. The sophisticated design of the model makes it great for outdoor use and all environments because it waterproof, dustproof, cold proof up to –10 °C. In case you drop the camera accidentally there’s no worry of damages resulting from the drop because it is exclusively designed with shock resistant materials. The collage function helps to compose a single picture from multiple images.  It is further upgraded with a detection gadget that accurately detects the faces of dogs and cats up to 32 faces in the image field.  The camera also features HD proportioned movie recording which offer beautiful and flawless video and movie clips.

Special image qualities

The pentax W90 model has an interesting digital microscope mode that has the ability to produce and deliver magnified images even the tiniest objects. For it to produce such magnified images, the waterproof digital camera is aided with three LED lights just in front of the lens barrel. It produces high quality and high definition images. With photos taken with the model, the quality of the photos is excellent which are brilliant and high resolution prints on enlarged images.

The summary

Pentax Optio W90 offers high quality photos and great performance. It comes at a reasonable price for such a waterproof digital and rugged pocket camera, which makes very convenient in all environments. The special and major features of the camera make it the best option over the other models of water proof digital cameras.

Two different color variation are available, all in warrior colors. You can choose from pistachio green or black version:

Most common underwater photography mistakes

Underwater photography is one of the most difficult photography techniques. Not only you need special equipment for it, but your must also be a good diver, with a lot of experience, able to approach to the subject you would like to capture to appropriate distance. Underwater all the principles of the standard “air-based” photography are turned around. Water has all the different physical characteristics for the visible light and therefore you need to consider this when taking photos underwater.

light spectral absorption water graph


Different color of the visible spectrum of the light are absorbed differently in the water. And because mostly the cameras are made for standard photography, you need to manually calibrate the colors of your photos. In the graph on the right you can see how deep different color of the spectrum can penetrate. If you are diving on more than 7 m, there is no more red light and therefore you will need additional source of the light (flash).

Usually the beginners are trying to picture the subject from the distance. It’s a mistake, because often the water it not clean and the pictures consequently are not contrast and vivid. To solve this problem try to approach as much as you can to your subject. Additionally you can boost the contrast in Photoshop, but it’s always better to have good pictures right away, before the post-processing!

In the water is very difficult to get sharp photos of the subject. There is a lot dependent on your equipment, but there is also something you can do on your own. If you are not using the flash, try to increase the ISO speed of your camera. It is true that you may suffer some noise on the images, but this is much better than blurred photos of the underwater wildlife.

Another important reason why you need to get as close as you can when you are shooting with a flash is the back-scattering of the light in the water. Water is much more optically dense than the air, which means that the light is more quickly absorbed or scattered than in the air. Therefore the light passing through the water will reflect significant part of the ray back to your lens, before hitting the subject. This will be shown as the light overlay over your image and lack of contrasts and color in your photos. To avoid this: do not use flash if possible, capture in clean water and get near as much as you can to your target.

Nevertheless, some rules can also be derived from standard photography. For example, try to rotate sometimes your camera to the vertical position, specially when capturing the “fist portraits”. Also have in mind to take care of the background in your picture. Very well known photographer I have spoken to once said, that the background makes the picture beautiful and interesting, not the main subject.

Have all the listed rules in mind when capturing the wonderful underwater world and I am sure you will get the best from your diving. And do not give up if you come back to the beach and see on the camera not what you expected. Try to find out what was the reason for the bad photos and  improve this the next time you go to the water with your camera!

underwater photography

Fujifilm FinePix XP10 waterproof digital camera review

If planning on taking photographs in adverse environments, the first thing to think of is the acquisition of the right gear. In this case, this could be a reliable camera feasible to withstand the conditions. The choice of the Fujifilm FinePix XP10 could be a reliable one. This is a tough built camera which is designed to withstand rigorous and active lifestyle. The camera is designed to survive water, shock, dust and freezing. The camera is designed to take one to any place without the fear of malfunction.

Physical Characteristics

There is a lot to enjoy from the use of this waterproof digital camera. In addition to its being resistant to various adverse conditions, the design of the camera is stylish. The Fujifilm FinePix XP10 is highly portable and usable and comes with great colors to augment the appeal. It offers limited underwater and shock-proof capabilities. This means that the camera can be partially be immersed in water and still offer reliable performance without any problem. The usage is simple and takes less time for one to master the axiomatic buttons. The camera also offers reliable performance in image clarity in the flash photos.


The Fujifilm FinePix XP10 offers great features for absolute reliance of the users. The camera resolution lies at 12.2 megapixels and has an optical zoom of 5X which is an equivalent of 36 – 180mm. The camera also has an LCD display unit of 2.7 inches which is an equivalent of 230,000 pixels. The maximum image size in pixels lies at 4000 x 3000. For better portability, the external dimensions are 2.5 x 3.8 x 0.9 inches; measurements that make it the best waterproof digital cameras that one can get in the market today. It only weighs about 4.8 ounces; that is when excluding the battery and the memory card. To crown it off, the camera offers an image sensor of CCD 1 2.3 in and can be used in the creation of 720p HD videos.

Quality of images

The main aspect that people look at when buying waterproof digital cameras is the image quality. The Fujifilm FinePix XP10 offers the best in image quality. With an optical zoom of 5X and a reliable resolution of 12.2 megapixels, the images taken using the camera are bright and sharp. This is more than most people expect when it comes to the waterproof cameras. The users are also given the option of shooting images at various resolutions within the maximum 12.2 megapixel range. The camera also allows for grey scale and black and white photo shooting. To make it even better, the camera has the capability of shooting two photos at a time where one has a flash and the other one without.


The performance of the Fujifilm FinePix XP10 is reliable especially when considering the cost. The shutter lag is unnoticeable when it comes to the outdoor photos. The LCD display is reliable and allows one to see the images in direct sunlight and has reliable settings to enhance the image. Designed for adverse conditions, the Fujifilm FinePix XP10 is the best option for quality seekers in this price range!

Pentax Optio WG-1 GPS rugged waterproof compact

Pentax has recently revealed two new waterproof compacts, named WG-1 and WG-1 GPS. The only bigger difference is obvious. WG-1 has build-in GPS sensor for accurate recording the capture date and location. They both have superior design to serve the main purpose – to be resistant more than any other digital camera on the market this year! Crushproof against the pressure of 100 kg, dust-proof, waterproof up to the depths of 10 meters / 33 feet, freeze proof down to -10 °C / 14 °F and shock-proof to up to 1.5 m / 5 ft. drops are the characteristics that will convince the most extreme photographers.

Characteristics of Pentax Optio WG-1 GPS

Here are some specs that Pentax provided about the incoming twins; They both uses 14 MegaPixel sensors. Next to the lens some tiny LED are build-in for nice macro lighting. The 5-times optical zoom is not the best in this price range, but will satisfy most of the intermediate photographers. Large LCD has an anti-reflective coating, the picture is vivid and sharp the therefore using the LCD on the direct sun is not a problem anymore. It can capture HD movies in 720p resoultion.

The time and our planning review of this extreme digital camera will show the truth of the listed features. The estimated price will be $350 and $400, available in 3 different colors.

New waterproof camcorders from Panasonic for hot summer days – WA10, DC10, DC1, TA20 and TA2

Panasonic has recently announced 5 new models with attractive design and color styles. They are all waterproof up to 3 meters underwater, but smaller – DC1 – is also dust-proof and shock-proof. Their design is reminding to the pistols, therefore you can really “shot” someone with them!

They have some really interesting features, like full HD 1080p recording. WA10 can shoot still images to the resolution up to 16 MP! It uses advanced backside illumination CCD technology, for stunning image quality. Other features and full press release are available on official Panasonic website.

If you are also interested in capturing the video, not just taking pictures, this new camcorders will be appropriate for you. There are many color variants and 3 different models in three price groups so you could select the one, which fulfils your needs. But be careful, they waterproof just up to depths of 3 meters, so these camcorders are not for serious divers!

New waterproof camera from Olympus

In these days Olympus announced the new waterproof digital camera – Olympus Tough TG-810. The compact digital camera is waterproof up to 10 m (33 ft.),  dust-proof, freeze-proof and shock-proof. It comes with some new and very cool features like build-in GPS, electronic compass and manometer for calculation air or water pressure at the time of capturing the subject. It also records movies in 720p HD resolution, so it is really an “swiss knife” for your summer vacations – wherever you go! The camera will be on stock at the end of April 2011, for approximate price of $400.

Specifications of the camera

This waterproof digital camera captures in 14 MP resolution. The lens has 5x optical zoom, equivalent 28 – 140 mm on fullframe format. The maximum aperture of the lens is f/3.9-5.9 which is not the best in this price range, but still good enough for darker scenes at wide angle. The lens is build of 11 lenses in 8 groups, from which 4 of them are aspherical to controll the spherical aberration and two special ED lenses to control the chromatic aberration.
The LCD uses HyperCrystal technology which ensures very vivid picture that can easily be seen on the direct sun. LCD monitor is 3″ (7.3 cm) large with an average resolution of 920,000 dots.
Impressive is a data that there is 21 available capturing modes (underwater included)! ISO setting can be set to AUTO or manually from 80 up to 1600.

The camera has everything nicely packed up in a rough body so there is no doubt it will soon be very popular as it comes to the market. You can find the press release and the detailed description on the official Olympus page.

olympus tough 810

Nevertheless, we have already reviewed in-depth one of the others Olympus waterproof cameras. The review of Olympus Stylus Tough 8010 can be found here.

Reviews of the waterproof digital cameras coming soon

In the following weeks we are publishing the reviews of the several different waterproof digital cameras we are testing right now. Therefore in one place you will find all the characteristics, comparison and features of all the most popular cameras for underwater photography – for amateurs and professionals.

The waterproof cameras that will be reviewed

We are planning to publish the in-depth reviews of the  following waterproof cameras (expect approximately one review per week):

A summer is approaching and the summer holidays are the perfect time for taking underwater pictures when you are on your vacations at the seaside. No matter if you are interested in ocean’s wildlife or just photographing your friends while jumping into the water. In our site you will find the camera that will suit your needs and budget.

So bookmark our page or grab the RSS and stay informed with fresh reviews or waterproof digital camera!

Olympus Stylus Tough 8010 Waterproof Digital Camera Preview

For everyone who is seeking for adventure there is no better way of storing those memories than the Olympus Stylus Tough 8010. This is one of the best waterproof digital cameras that have been created. It is a camera that one can go anywhere with it and do absolutely anything using it. It takes extra ordinary dazzling photos and if this is not enough, it records HD movies in any particular place. Whether one is on the most rugged trail, on the snowboard and even underwater you can be sure of achieving the best using this camera.

Olympus Stylus Tough 8010 Waterproof Digital Camera Features

This camera is well fitted with a resolution of 14 megapixels which makes it perfect for the creation of the finest image quality. It is also capable of creating prints of poster sizes without taking out a single detail on the print. It has the feature of an optical zoom capability of 5x wide angle which ensures that the subject is perfectly captured with all the desired features perfectly included. The best thing about this is that the lens does not stick out away from its body when zooming making it extremely protected from any harsh conditions.

It has a screen that is 2.7 inches wide LCD which enables the viewing angle to be extra wide and also having the best anti glare technology which makes it easier for composing the shots and taking the best photos even in directly  bright sunlight. With the feature of the One Touch HD Movie one is able to record HD crystal clear movies that are perfect for widescreen viewing from the Olympus Stylus Tough 8010 waterproof digital camera. It also has an internal memory of 2GB which allows one to store as much photos and videos as they wish.

Special Characteristics

The Olympus Stylus Tough 8010 waterproof digital camera allows one to take photos 33 feet underwater without experiencing any difficulties. It also has the shockproof feature that enables it to withstand dropping down up to 6.6 feet down made possible by its metal body that is rugged, durable and highly innovative. The freeze proof feature makes it perfect for the cold winter seasons and sorts like skiing, sledding, snowboarding and more winter fun since it is perfectly designed for temperatures below freezing points. It also has the crush proof feature which allows it to withstand a pressure of up to 220 making sure that all the images taken by the camera and the camera itself are well protected.

Controls Functions

The camera is operated using the tap control for the picture playback, shadow adjustments and any other function. This makes it ideal for underwater use. It has the AF tracking capability which tracks subjects that are fast moving and can not be still and incessantly adjusts the brightness and the focus automatically so as to capture them with ease. It also has the creative art filters feature which allows one to apply special effects depending on one’s artistic preference.

Other Features

There is the advanced face detection feature, In Camera Panorama, Shadow adjustment, beauty mode and perfect shot which makes this Olympus Stylus Tough 8010 waterproof digital camera worth settling for.

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Underwater photography is young section of photography and some last years the price of the equipment dropped enough that everybody can now do underwater shots! Shooting without the limits – that’s the passion!