Pentax Optio W90 Waterproof Digital Camera Preview

Pentax Optio is the latest generation of the great cameras in the world and the 11th generation of pentax cameras.  The waterproof digital camera has the entire body of the camera fitted with controls where camera can be held in and out of water without causing any damage to it.  It has an exclusive design and great features that ensure the production of high quality photos. The shooting performance of the camera is great; hence during a photo shoot the model gives a good and better performance as compared to other models. The features of the waterproof digital camera makes it the best choice for outdoor photo shoots and great adventures since one is sure no matter how harsh the weather condition is how rainy it is, the camera is well protected from getting wet.

The characteristics of pentax Optio W90 waterproof digital camera

The camera is characterized with an outstanding design that is very comfortable to handle and move around with it comfortably. It is relatively small in size and sophisticated feature set which offers great images and a variety of shooting options. The shooting options therefore offer you a wide range of environs where you can take your photos. The camera has a short battery life owing to the high quality and high definition photos that it produces. Hence to avoid any inconvenience it is important to have spared batteries, just in case the ones you are using runs off. It is light in weight because of the plastic material used in making the camera.

Special features of Pentax Optio W90 model

Pentax W90 is a rugged compact model and offers easy portability.  It has a great tougher body for great performance. The sophisticated design of the model makes it great for outdoor use and all environments because it waterproof, dustproof, cold proof up to –10 °C. In case you drop the camera accidentally there’s no worry of damages resulting from the drop because it is exclusively designed with shock resistant materials. The collage function helps to compose a single picture from multiple images.  It is further upgraded with a detection gadget that accurately detects the faces of dogs and cats up to 32 faces in the image field.  The camera also features HD proportioned movie recording which offer beautiful and flawless video and movie clips.

Special image qualities

The pentax W90 model has an interesting digital microscope mode that has the ability to produce and deliver magnified images even the tiniest objects. For it to produce such magnified images, the waterproof digital camera is aided with three LED lights just in front of the lens barrel. It produces high quality and high definition images. With photos taken with the model, the quality of the photos is excellent which are brilliant and high resolution prints on enlarged images.

The summary

Pentax Optio W90 offers high quality photos and great performance. It comes at a reasonable price for such a waterproof digital and rugged pocket camera, which makes very convenient in all environments. The special and major features of the camera make it the best option over the other models of water proof digital cameras.

Two different color variation are available, all in warrior colors. You can choose from pistachio green or black version:

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