PREVIEW: Kodak Waterproof Pocket Video Cameras – Zx3 and Zx5

It’s always fun recording your water and sports activities, right? With these two camcorders from Kodak I am introducing to you today this has never been easier before. Kodak PlaySport Zx3 and PlaySport Zx5 are waterproof Full HD pocket camcorders with a clear and vivid picture you will enjoy to share with your friends. They are sized like a mobile phone so they really fit in hand.

There are not a lot of differences between these two models, but anyway we find some of them pretty important. First of all, Zx5 is waterproof, dust-proof and freeze-proof, while Zx3 is just waterproof. That means Zx5 is more resistant and we can expect slightly better build quality. Anyway, both cameras are waterproof to the same depth – 10 ft / 3 m. That is fairly enough for playing arround in a swimming pool or in shallow water, but forget about diving with these two camcorders. They are simply not meant for it. If you want really good waterproof camera with sturdy case you should consider GoPRO HD Hero cameras. Another difference is that Zx5 has a macro mode, which allows you to get really close to your subject.

Even though both camcorders are primary meant for recording movies, you can also take 5 MP still shots in 16:9 ratio. For the sharpness of the image is responsible Electronic image stabilization, which is not as good as optical image stabilization, but still much better than nothing, right? Talking about software features, the camera has SmartFace tracking technology and when you connect it to your computer you can instantly upload your media to Facebook or YouTube.

Capturing and previewing movies is smooth and easy with vivid 2.0-inch LCD screen. There are three different playback modes for previewing in different circumstances.

There are four different video quality and resolutions available:

  • 1080p @ 30 fps – the Full HD for the best image quality and sharp picture
  • 720p @ 60 fps – HD resolution with 60 fps (frames per second) allows you to create slow motion videos
  • 720p @ 30 fps – standard HD
  • WVGA – when you are running out of space on memory card

Both cams are recording the data to SD/SDHC type of memory cards, which does not come with the camera. Zx5 has also 128 MB of internal memory, but that’s hardly enough for some minutes of recording, so another memory card is a must. It’s also very delightful that the cameras are using removable rechargeable batteries, which mean you can buy additional ones for any case. There is remote control available as well, but does not come with a camera.

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