Waterproof Digital Camera Cases DiCAPac

A very popular choice and also affordable for everyone who also has a regular Point-and-Shoot digital camera, is a waterproof digital camera case. There are some different variants from different manufacturers, but today we will focus on products from probably the most well-known company that makes underwater soft cases – DiCAPac.

DiCAPac waterproof cases for DSLRs, compact cameras and smart phones

Overview of the waterproof camera cases

If you are not a professional photographer but you would like to make some underwater shots with your regular compact digital camera anyway, soft waterproof digital camera cases are just the perfect gear for you and your camera. You just put the camera in the case, zip it up and you are ready. These cases are made of non-toxic plastic materials and are 100 % waterproof tested up to some meters (usually 5 to 10, depends on the model) underwater. Just simply put the camera in the case and close it with patented zipper and double roll velcro tape. For better contrast and allowing one to use the camera’s optical zoom underwater, the cases have a solid extender with lens opening with a 3-layer coating for UV protection, water repellent coating and scratch resistance coating. This lens opening allows the camera to freely move the lens while zooming and focusing. But be careful when buying the case, because there are about a dozen of different sizes and models of cases, you need to find the right one that will fit your digital camera!

First products of DiCAPac were sold in 2007 and since then the soft waterproof camera cases have very quickly became very popular all over the world. There are some very simple reasons for such a success:

Low price – one of the crucial factors

of course the price has a great role when buying accessories for your camera. The original and solid cases for your digital camera may be pretty expensive for one’s pocket. For example, you bought your Canon/Nikon/similar middle range compact camera for, let’s say, $300. And in the summer you are planning to go to to vacations to Florida Keys. Everybody knows that snorkeling there is fantastic because the water is warm, clean and the sea is full of animals and other interesting creatures. Of course you’d like to shot some pictures of this beautiful world under the water. You go to the shop and you ask for waterproof housing of your digital camera … and get shocked when you realize that is costs $170. That’s more than a half of the price of your camera. But now you know that there’s another option as well – soft waterproof digital camera cases. Even though they are usually a bit more difficult to handle in the water and adjust the settings while the camera is in the case, for as much as 10-times cheaper comparing the original solid housing, they still provide a great water shield and are absolutely a wining buy when looking for the best price/functionality ratio.

Fit all the standard sizes of digital cameras

No matter what brand is your digital camera, almost for sure there exist the soft camera case for your model. It’s because these cases are not made for a specific models or brands of cameras, but are made in several different sizes, so you just need to know the size of your camera and then find the right DiCAPac case model. On their web page you can find all their products and which model you need for your digital camera, depending on dimensions of the camera and the lens.

Not only waterproof

Even thought DiCAPac waterproof digital camera cases are meant to be used for underwater imaging, that’s absolutely not the only way they could be used. These pouches also protect your cameras from the sand on the beach, are as well snow-proof for winter activities, dirt-proof for dirties of any kind and so on. I am talking this from personal experiences, because I also have Canon PowerShot A560 and I bought DiCAPac camera case for it, and I realized that when I go to the seaside I have my camera in the pouch all the time. It’s great because it protects your camera from all sorts of scratches, rain and drops from smaller heights. I personally recommend this cases to anyone who exposes its photo gear to water or dirt. For $20-$30 it’s really worth.

I found the best prices of DiCAPac waterproof soft camera cases in Amazon. Below are some links to the most popular cases and you can also find many user reviews of these products:

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