How Do I Get The Most Out Of Strava?

Is it worth paying for strava summit?

The only premium feature of Strava that is still unique and pretty cool is the heatmap, especially for those that ride all over the world.

Other than that, Strava isn’t worth paying… the irony is, they can’t cut off the free model because your data is worth more to than the money you would pay them.

Try Intervals..

What do you get on Strava Premium?

The difference between the free and paid versions of StravaSet custom goals (weekly and yearly);Access training plans for running and cycling;Filter segment leaderboards by age and weight;Get race analysis and live performance data, as well as pace, workout, and effort analysis;More items…•

How accurate is strava power?

Given measured power data, Strava said that my average power for the whole ride was 164 watts and produced a total of 1,233 kilojoules of energy. Without direct measurements, Strava estimated that my average power was 177 watts and total energy production was 1,328 kilojoules. That’s an overall power error of 7.9%.

What does strava suffer score mean?

Suffer Score is our way of measuring how hard you worked. It’ll back you up when you talk to your buddies about that crazy hard run when you were chased by a grizzly and had to scramble straight up a mountain, or a way to compare how deep you went at this year’s race compared to last year’s.

What is a good form score on Strava?

A score less than 50 per cent would be an easy day. 50-65 per cent would be an endurance ride. 65-80 per cent would be a good tempo ride. 80-95 per cent would be a where you want to aim for in a long event or sportive.