How Do You Unlock The Sneakster In Mario Kart Wii?

How do you unlock all karts in Mario Kart Wii?

Win the Leaf Cup on 50cc to unlock the Turbo Blooper kart.

Win the Lightning Cup on 100cc to unlock the Zip Zip bike.

Win the Leaf Cup on 150cc to unlock the Royal Racer kart.

Get a 1-star rank on all 100cc Grand Prix Cups to unlock the Sneakster bike..

How do I unlock levels in Mario Kart Wii?

StepsEach Grand Prix Cup can be unlocked by getting a trophy (bronze or better) in an earlier cup. … Star Cup: Finish 3rd+ in the Mushroom Cup and the Flower Cup.Special Cup: Finish 3rd+ in the Star Cup.Leaf Cup: Finish 3rd+ in the Banana Cup and the Shell Cup.Lightning Cup: Finish 3rd+ in the Leaf Cup.More items…

How do you unlock cars in Mario Kart Wii?

Unlockable VehiclesBubble Bike (small bike) – Win Mirror Leaf Cup.Dolphin Dasher (medium bike) – Win Mirror Star Cup.Magikruiser (small bike) – Play Time Trials on 8 different courses.Nitrocycle (medium bike) – Attain at least 1 Star Rank for all 100cc Wii Grand Prix Cups.Phantom (large bike) – Win Mirror Special Cup.More items…

Who is the fastest in Mario Kart?

Best Mario Kart CharactersCharactersSpeedTotalDonkey Kong, Roy, Waluigi4.520.75Wario, Dry Bowser4.7520.75Metal/Gold Mario, Pink Gold Peach4.2521.5Bowser, Morton4.7520.513 more rows•May 17, 2017

Who is the slowest character in Mario Kart 8?

Mario Kart 8 characters and weight classesWeight classCharacterVery LightBaby RosalinaVery LightLemmy KoopaVery LightDry Bones (Deluxe)LightKoopa Troopa38 more rows•Jun 2, 2017

How do you unlock the Quacker in Mario Kart Wii?

To unlock it, you must finish the 150cc Star Cup in first place or play 2,400 races. Due to the Quacker having the highest acceleration in the game, it is best advised to use whenever racing in custom-made cc races that substantially increase top speed.

What is the fastest car in Mario Kart Wii?

The Top Ten Funky Kong – Flame Runner. This is by far the best vehicle in the game. … Yoshi – Mach Bike. … Toad – Quacker. … Rosalina – Shooting Star. … Baby Luigi – Blue Falcon. … Daisy – Mach Bike. … Koopa – Mini Beast. … Dry Bowser – Flame Runner.More items…

Who is the best Mario Kart Wii player in the world?

Point RankingsNo.PlayerTally1Luke1162Justin1113Logan794Braixen77134 more rows

How do you avoid blue shells in Mario Kart Wii?

Five other items can dodge Blue Shells: a Golden Mushroom, a Mega Mushroom, a Star, Triple Mushrooms or a Bullet Bill. In VS racing it is extremely unlikely you will be have such items in first; however there are two such ways to do this: Gain a powerful item in a weaker position and save them until first.

Can you unlock levels in Mario Kart Wii with 2 players?

You cannot unlock anything with 2 Players (unless you’re playing online and the 1st player meets the requirements to unlock Birdo or something).