How Many ICloud Accounts Can You Have?

Can I add a second iCloud account to my iPhone?

If you want to add a second iCloud account on your device, go to Settings>Mail,Contacts,Calendars>Add Account>iCloud and enter a different Apple ID.

Secondary accounts can only sync mail, contacts, calendars, reminders and notes (not bookmarks, iCloud backup, photo stream, Find My iPhone, etc.)..

Can you have 2 Apple emails?

Yes, you can set up as many iCloud (or other types of) email accounts as you wish. When you open the Mail app on the Mac, click on Accounts under Mail in the top menu bar. Click on the “Create Apple ID” option and then set up a new email address. You can see that each of my mailboxes has two entries.

Can my husband and I share the same Apple ID?

You can, but for most people, the best solution is to share an ID for purchasing from the iTunes and App stores, but keep separate IDs for iCloud, iMessage and Facetime. If you share the same ID for iCloud, you will be sharing the same iCloud account. … You can still share your iCloud calendars if you want (

How do I separate 2 iPhones with the same Apple ID?

Sign in with a different Apple ID to create your new account. Choose, Merge, to upload your data. Once you are on separate accounts, you can each go to and delete the other person’s data from your account.

Can you have two iCloud accounts one computer?

Yes, you can if you set up the separate iCloud accounts in separate user accounts on the computer. If multiple people use the same computer, that is the recommend setup.

Can I have more than one iCloud email address?

You can have more than one icloud email address without using an aliases, all on the same Apple account.

Can I use the same Apple ID on 2 phones?

You can use a single AppleID on many devices, including 2 iphones. Note though that if you use the same AppleID for iCloud, iMessage, FaceTime then you are using a single account for those services. All devices using that AppleID share all messages, conversations, iCloud emails, contacts, calendars, phone logs etc.

Can an Apple ID have 2 email addresses?

2 Answers. No – an Apple ID is a unique string, so you can’t enter the same letters for two as the first reserves that “email” and prevents a second account. … The only way is to have separate email account, you cannot use the same email for different account.

Can I create a second Apple email address?

To create a second mail actual account you will need to create a new iCloud account, by creating a new Apple ID at and then signing into System Preferences>iCloud with it and enabling Mail in the checklist, at which point you will be asked to create a new address.

How do I have two Iphones on the same iCloud account?

Once you have two accounts, the new one and the one connected to the Apple ID,Go to Settings.Select your Apple ID at the top (or sign into the new one)You will see the devices that are connected to that account at the bottom.Select the device you want to separate, and you will have the option to remove it.

Do I need a separate Apple ID for each device?

One primary iCloud Apple ID on each device The Apple ID that you use to create your iTunes account does not need to have an iCloud account associated with it. In fact you do not need an iCloud account in order to use your iOS or OS X device.

How many Apple ID accounts can I have?

You can only CREATE up to 3 *new* Apple IDs on your iOS device. You can ADD as many as you want, but may be prohibited for a certain amount of time from downloading new content after switching (90 days or so).