Question: Does Telus Have Crave TV?

What channel is Cravetv on Telus Optik?

channel 410Go to channel 410 and use that portal in to the On Demand section.

Tune in and press Ok on the remote.

That launches the Crave portal..

How do I access Crave TV on Telus?

Download the Optik TV app, go to the On Demand hub and select the Channels feed….On your computer:Visit Sign in in the top right corner of the page.Under How did you subscribe?, select Through my TV provider.Click on the TELUS logo.Sign in with your Optik TV account details.

Why can’t I cast crave to my TV?

If you’re having issues primarily with the app you described in your post, try deleting and reinstalling the app and rebooting your casting device, router, and Chromecast. … I have the exact same issue with Crave, and now the Disney streaming app. Yet Netflix and others work fine!

Can you get Crave TV without cable?

If you have an internet connection and you’re looking for that final nail to drive into your cable subscription, CraveTV could be it. …

How do I cancel Crave TV on Telus?

How to Cancel Crave TVNavigate to the Crave accounts management page on and sign in based on how you subscribed.Click on the Subscriptions tab at the top or on the left to view the subscriptions that you currently have.Look for the Cancel Subscription for the basic Crave or ‘Cancel Add-On’ to cancel the Movies + HBO add-on.More items…

How much is Crave TV with Telus?

Basics + Crave Current regular price is $20 per month. Get Crave – plus up to 23 local and regional channels.

Is crave free on Telus?

Get Crave + Movies + HBO or Netflix Premium included at no extra cost. Plus, get a $100 bill credit (including taxes) when you order online today.

How much does crave TV cost per month?

Users who have subscribed through If you’re subscribing to Crave directly, the cost is $9.99/month (plus applicable taxes). There are additional costs for our add-on packages. The Movies + HBO add-on costs an additional $9.99 (plus applicable taxes).

How do I get crave on my TV?

How can I subscribe to Crave? You can subscribe to Crave directly by visiting, or through your television provider. It’s also available on iOS, Android, Apple TV, Samsung Smart TVs, Xbox , Amazon Fire TV and Roku devices.

How do I get Crave TV on my LG Smart TV?

Press the Home/Smart button on your remote to bring up your launcher.Click the More Apps Button.Open the LG Content Store App.Choose Premium.Find your app in the LG Content Store, then choose Install.

Is Shaw or Telus better?

Went from Shaw to Telus a few years back. Shaw: Higher available speeds, at least 1 period a month where the internet down for hours, the non-stop plan rate increases (it felt at least twice a year), and less than helpful tech support after a long hold. Telus: Lower speeds but much more reliable.

How can I watch crave on my TV?

Crave content can be accessed through, the Crave mobile app, On Demand, and also the Shaw BlueCurve TV App. Crave is also available on BlueCurve TV with voice or remote keypad search (“unified search”), and you can stream Crave content directly to your TV through Chromecast and Apple TV.

How many TVs can watch crave?

Device limits: You can have up to 5 devices connected to a Crave account, but you can’t be streaming Crave on all 5 devices at the same time. Members of your household can watch Crave on the maxTV set-top box and up to 2 other devices (phone, tablet, computer, streaming video player) at the same time.

Is Netflix free on Telus Optik?

Telus has announced changes to its Optik TV packages, debuting a new option which includes free access to a Netflix 4K Premium plan. … Telus says they will also pay for a customer’s monthly Netflix fee, with the option allowing existing customers of the latter to retain their online profiles.

Is Crave worth it?

The case for Crave: A basic Crave subscription is only $10, but that doesn’t include new HBO episodes or the top-tier movie selections. For the good stuff, you’ll need to shell out an extra $10 ($20 total) We’d argue it’s worth it for Game of Thrones alone. The winner: Netflix.