Question: How Can I Select All Messages In Telegram Channel?

How can I send multiple files in telegram?

Telegram is a very useful app for sharing any type of files, and it makes it easy to share the files you receive from other users.

All you need to do is open the file you receive in Telegram and tap the Share button, then choose how you want to share the file: send by email or via another app..

Is telegram a safe app?

Yes, Telegram is more secure than Whatsapp, they have optional end-to-end encryption and encrypted local storage for Secret Chats. If you are paranoid about security you may want to try completely secure messengers such as Threema (paid app for iOS and Android) or Sicher (free app for iOS, Android and Windows Phone).

How can I delete my telegram group permanently?

How To Delete Telegram Groups PermanentlyManage group. Enter the group you want to remove > click the group menu button (the vertical triple dots) > Manage group.Group info. From Manage group dialog showing, click Group info.Convert to supergroup. From Edit group dialog showing, select Convert to supergroup. … Delete group. … Confirm delete.

How can I backup my telegram channel?

In order to get the backup, the user needs to update both the app and the web version of Telegram. Now, go to Settings > Export Telegram Data on the web version. You can choose what data you want to be included in the backup file.

How can I backup my telegram secret chat?

1 Answer. Sadly, there’s no way to backup secret chats specifically. The rest, as you know, can be backed up and exported. But secret chats are bound to the device so they’ll be gone once you reinstall the app.

Can you get hacked through telegram?

The problem is that Telegram system allows users to sign in only via a code that is sent via text message. Hackers are exploiting this vulnerability by spoofing other users phone numbers. Hackers might get a SIM card with the victim’s number. But that is easy to track and it is hard to get access to many accounts.

How can I delete multiple messages in telegram?

On AndroidTap on a text-based message or contact attachment, then tap “Delete.”Long-press any message, select any additional messages you’d like to delete, then tap the trash icon.Tap the vertical ellipsis (three dots) on an audio file, GIF, video, or contact attachment, then tap “Delete.”More items…•

How can I select all files in telegram?

You can select multiple photos at the same time in Telegram. Open the conversation from which you want to forward the photos to yourself. Then, tap on the name of that person > Shared Media > Tap and hold on one photo for about one second and then a tick in green circle will appear in top right corner of that photo.

What is the maximum file size for telegram?

Sending 2GB files So far, Telegram allowed users to send up to 1.5GB of files on the platform. The latest update has now increased the limit to 2GB. This means users can now send media and files of any kind up to 2GB each.

Where are Telegram files stored?

Go to teligram folder in file explorer (for all media). Only images go-to teligram settings < messages < and trun on saveto gallery option. And there are many folder click and find your file.

How much storage is telegram?

1.5GBThe Telegram has a cloud storage for users self-chat. Limit for uploading files – 1.5GB, yeah, I know about it.

How can I get chat history in telegram?

Once you have the updated Telegram app on your system, you can export chats by clicking Settings > Export Telegram data. You can also export individual chats by opening the three-dot menu from the top-right corner of your screen and then choosing the Export chat history option.

How can I delete my telegram group chat history?

Now it just takes a few taps to erase all chat histories between Telegram users who have updated to version 5.5. To delete a message from your inbox–as well as everyone else’s on the chat–simply tap the message, select “delete” and then delete for one person, everyone, or just on your own end.

Where does Telegram save files Android?

Save VideosOpen the default file manager of the device.Open android/data/org.telegram.messenger/cache.Select the files , open menu and move them to the other folder(preferably “video” folder)Open gallery and the file will be visible in the telegram folder.

How do you know if someone deleted telegram?

In case if you have been the person who deleted it and it is the other person who sends you messages, you will receive a notification that the deleted person wants to communicate with you. But he will never know unless you agree to add it again, but he can see you connected or “online” and it is a very suspicious act.

Is telegram a cheating app?

Telegram isn’t only for having affairs. Many people use this app – not just people who are cheating. Telegram is another common chat app like Signal or WhatsApp. However, there are pieces of this app that can be used for infidelity.

Is Telegram Safe 2020?

However, Telegram isn’t as secure as it wants us to believe. … The Telegram encryption protocol is also flawed. It was developed by an in-house team with little experience in crypto, which isn’t advised by cybersecurity experts. The app isn’t open source either, so the code hasn’t been audited by any third parties.