Question: How Do You Stay Ahead Of The Game?

Where does ahead of the curve come from?

The idiomatic expression is most probably originated from the US military.

Other sources suggest that the original phrase stems from the shape of a bell graph which has a huge curve.

If you are ahead of the curve, you are staying ahead of everything.

The literal usages of the phrase also refer to flying..

How do you handle competitors?

How to Handle Competition in Business: 10 Tips to Beat CompetitionLearn How to Handle Competition in Business. … Know Your Customers. … Understand the Competition. … Highlight Your Difference. … Clarify Your Message. … Ensure Your Branding Reinforces Your Messaging. … Target New Markets. … Look After Your Existing Customers.More items…

How do I stay at the top of my game?

How to Stay at the Top of Your GameSet boundaries. Only take on what you know you can do well. … Read a lot. … Ask someone you respect out to coffee or lunch.Sleep. … Ask for help. … Demand high standards from the people you employ, especially if they’re your representatives in the world (for instance your agents, your manager, etc.)Look good. … Go running.More items…•

Is ahead of the game?

In a position of advantage, especially financially; succeeding or winning. This idiom uses ahead of in the sense of “in advance of,” a usage dating from the mid-1700s, and transfers success in gambling ( the game) to winning in other areas. …

How do competitors get outcompete?

Ten ways to keep ahead of the competitionKnow the competition. Find out who your competitors are, what they are offering, and what their strengths and weaknesses are. … Know your customers. … Differentiate. … Step up your marketing. … Update your image. … Look after your existing customers. … Target new markets. … Expand your offer.More items…

How do you feel on top of things?

How to stay on top of everythingIt’s alright to say NO.Structure Your Meeting Time.Make a To-Do List.Recognize your own productivity.Develop Good Systems.Manage your Email Inbox not the other way around.Set Your Own Deadlines.Delegate.

What does it mean to stay ahead of the game?

: in a position or situation in which one is likely to succeed, win, etc. The company has stayed ahead of the game by meeting new government standards before they go into effect.

What is the best way to stay ahead of the competition?

Here are eight tips for keeping ahead of your competitors:Play to your strengths. … Know your customers and look after them. … Use marketing to create awareness. … Have a plan for growth. … Innovate to stay ahead of your competitors. … Be the employer of choice. … Be flexible and ready for change. … Know the competition.

What does it mean to be at the top of your game?

(also be on top of your game ) to be performing extremely well in a sport, job, etc. so that you could not perform any better: I want to beat Andy when he’s at the top of his game.

When someone is ahead of their time?

If someone is ahead of their time or before their time, they have new ideas a long time before other people start to think in the same way.

What are the considerations that you need to be aware of to remain competitive?

Here are some tips to keep you ahead of your competitors.Exemplify your strengths. … Recruit better talent. … Analyze your data. … Stay ahead of consumer trends. … Automate your marketing campaign.

How do you always be on top of things?

Plan Each Day. Planning helps you to stay on top of things because you always know what’s happening. You know your priorities, deadlines, and important dates. Setting up a plan for the next days or even weeks can prevent you from forgetting about important meetings or deadlines.

What does it mean to be ahead of the curve?

chiefly US, approving. : faster about doing something than other people, companies, etc. The company has been ahead of the curve in adopting new technologies.

What does it mean to stay on top of things?

Fig. to keep well-informed about someone or something; to keep watch over someone or something. You have to stay on top of her if you want her to do it right. I will stay on top of this project.

How do I stay ahead of time?

Below are 6 ways to stay ahead.Determine What You Care About. This may sound obvious, but so many people miss this very important step. … Decide on Frequency. Do you need this information now, immediately, in realtime? … Read More Than Just Social Media. … Find and Engage Influencers. … Research Your Market, in Realtime. … Stay Alert.