Question: How Many Dropbox Accounts Can You Have?

How do I move files from one Dropbox account to another?

Copy and Paste:Control-click on the file you want to copy and select Copy.Next, navigate to your Dropbox folder or wherever you’d like to store a copy of the file.Control-click anywhere inside the folder and select Paste item..

How much does Dropbox give you for free?

Dropbox and OneDrive don’t offer as many choices. With Dropbox, you either get 2GB of storage for free or a whole terabyte for $9.99.

Does Dropbox have phone support?

Call phone support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week—including holidays. Chat with support 24 hours a day, Monday through Friday.

How do I add a second Dropbox account?

Download the mobile app and sign in to both Dropbox accountsConnect your personal account and work account.Download and install the latest version of the Dropbox Android app from Google Play.Tap Sign in.Enter the email address and password for your work account and tap Sign in.Tap Sign in.More items…

Can I have a personal and business Dropbox account?

Dropbox Business users and members of a free team can have both a personal and work Dropbox on any computer, mobile device, and on This means you can keep your stuff separate and accessible from anywhere.

Can I use my Dropbox account on two computers?

You only need one account no matter how many devices you want to keep in sync. In order for files to sync, you must sign in using the same email address and password on each device you’d like to link to your Dropbox account. If you install Dropbox on your computer, you’ll see a Dropbox folder on your hard drive.

What can I use instead of Dropbox?

4 Best Dropbox alternatives for file sharingBox. Dashboard view in Box (Source) … Google Drive. MyDrive in Google Drive (Source) … OneDrive. OneDrive synced with desktop folders (Source) … Zoho Docs. File sync online and offline in Zoho Docs (Source)

Can I save emails to Dropbox?

To save a Gmail attachment directly to your Dropbox account using the Gmail Add-on:Open an email with file(s) attached in your Gmail account.Click the Dropbox icon in the righthand sidebar.Select which file(s) you’d like to save to Dropbox.Select where you’d like to save those file(s).Click Save.

Is Dropbox better than Google Drive?

Winner. In the battle of Dropbox vs Google Drive, the best cloud storage service is Dropbox, by a nose. It just edges out Google Drive based on security, but its slightly easier file sharing and faster syncing also make it a better service, particularly for those who collaborate on a lot of documents.

Can I give someone access to my Dropbox?

When you share a link with someone, they can view the file or folder on You can send a link by email, Facebook, Twitter, instant message, social networks, wherever you want. You can share these links with anyone, even if they don’t have a Dropbox account.

Which is better Dropbox or OneDrive?

Dropbox gives unlimited storage for $20/user/month. OneDrive for business gives unlimited storage for $10/user/month. … Ultimately, OneDrive is a more cost-efficient product than Dropbox in both the personal and business packages. Another way these products differ is in their security features.

How many Dropbox accounts can I have on my computer?

one Dropbox accountUnless one of your Dropbox accounts is a work account (i.e. a Dropbox for Business account or a Free Team account), you can only have one Dropbox account per computer user account. In other words, you cannot have two separate Dropbox accounts syncing to your computer at the same time.

Once you’ve unlinked a device, it’ll stop syncing new changes from your Dropbox account. Note, if the device you’ve unlinked is a computer, previously synced files remain untouched. … When you unlink a mobile device, files will automatically be removed even if they had been favorited for offline access.

How do I get my free 25gb Dropbox?

The promotional space is in addition to the 2 GB of space included in free Dropbox Basic accounts….How do I check to see when my promotional space expires?Sign in to your avatar.Click Settings.Click Plan.Under Earn more space, you can see this promotion and the expiration date.

How many free Dropbox accounts can I have?

Yes, you can have multiple Dropbox accounts. You’ll need a different email address for each account. Note: Storage space will remain separate for each account.

How many users can use Dropbox?

Basic users have a three device limit as of March 2019. Plus, Family, and Professional users can link as many devices as they need. Business users can link as many devices as they need, but Advanced and Enterprise Dropbox Business admins can limit the number of devices that their teams can link.

Can I add a second email to my Dropbox account?

You can add a secondary email to your Dropbox account. By adding a secondary email, you can route content shared with your primary or secondary email into a single Dropbox account. Secondary emails are available to Dropbox Professional, Plus, Family, and Business customers.