Question: What Is The Meaning Of Exigent Circumstances?

How do you use expedient in a sentence?

Sentence ExamplesBefore considering observational data, it is expedient to mention various sources of uncertainty.But soon another and cheaper expedient presented itself.Nothing could be more false than the common opinion that as a financier his sole expedient was to multiply the emissions of assignats.More items….

What is meant by fresh pursuit?

Fresh Pursuit. Pursuit (with or without a warrant) for the purpose of preventing the escape or effecting the arrest of any person who is suspected of committing, or having committed, a misdemeanor or felony.

What is the meaning of exigent?

requiring immediate aid or action1 : requiring immediate aid or action exigent circumstances. 2 : requiring or calling for much : demanding an exigent client.

What are exigent circumstances quizlet?

Exigent Circumstances. An emergency situation requiring swift action to prevent imminent danger to life or serious damage to property, or to forestall the imminent escape of a suspect, or destruction of evidence.

How do you use exigent in a sentence?

Exigent in a Sentence 🔉My dad has always been an exigent man, asking ridiculous things of me that I’m not capable of doing. … I try not to be exigent with my students, but as a teacher I have to press them to get their work done.More items…

What is the meaning of grueling?

adjective. exhausting; very tiring; arduously severe: the grueling Boston marathon.

What is an example of Exigence?

Examples of exigence: A congressman delivers a speech arguing that we need stricter gun control. The exigence is that the congressman believes stricter gun control will lead to less gun violence. A pastor writes and delivers a eulogy at a funeral.

What does to be exact mean?

phrase. You say to be exact to indicate that you are slightly correcting or giving more detailed information about what you have been saying.

What is considered hot pursuit?

Hot pursuit (also known as fresh or immediate pursuit) refers to the urgent and direct pursuit of a criminal suspect by law enforcement officers, or by belligerents under international rules of engagement for military forces.

What is a pursuit in law terms?

n. immediate chase of a suspected criminal by a law enforcement officer, in which situation the officer may arrest the suspect without a warrant.

What does he mean by custodial interrogation?

In United States criminal law, a custodial interrogation (or, generally, custodial situation) is a situation in which the suspect’s freedom of movement is restrained, even if he is not under arrest.