Question: What Is The Opposite Of Mobility?

What is the opposite of gravitate?

What is the opposite word for Gravitate.


gravitate and retreat.

run away..

What is the opposite word of major?

minorThe opposite of the adjective ‘major’ is ‘minor. ‘ Notes: ‘Minor’ can also be a noun that refers to someone who is not an adult.

What is the opposite of social mobility?

Stasis is an antonym for social mobility.

What is another word for tragedy?

What is another word for tragedy?calamitycatastrophedisastermisfortuneadversitycataclysmmisadventureafflictionmishapblight231 more rows

What is another word for strength?

What is another word for strength?mightmuscletoughnessbrawnbrawninessenergyforcerobustnesssoundnessburliness125 more rows

What is the synonym of mobility?

as in locomotion, motility. Synonyms & Near Synonyms for mobility. locomotion, motility, motivity.

What does adaptability mean?

According to Andresen and Gronau adaptability in the field of organizational management can in general be seen as an ability to change something or oneself to fit to occurring changes. … In ecology, adaptability has been described as the ability to cope with unexpected disturbances in the environment.

What does it mean to gravitate towards someone?

To gravitate is to move toward or feel attracted to something. People gravitate toward things they like. Gravitate used to refer to how gravity pulls objects toward the Earth, but now it also describes how people are pulled toward things they like.

What’s another word for Ultimate?

What is another word for ultimate?finallastconcludingconclusiveeventualterminaldecisiveensuingsubsequentconsequent18 more rows

What is another word for lean?

Some common synonyms of lean are gaunt, lanky, lank, rawboned, scrawny, skinny, and spare. While all these words mean “thin because of an absence of excess flesh,” lean stresses lack of fat and of curving contours.

What is the opposite word of motion?

Antonyms for motion idleness, inertia, inactivity, cessation, inaction, stoppage.

What is another name for the upward mobility rate?

What is another word for upward mobility?advancementsocial climbingvertical mobilityclimbing the corporate laddersocial mobilitystatus seekingascentsocial ascentrags to riches

What is the stasis?

(Entry 1 of 2) 1 : a slowing or stoppage of the normal flow of a bodily fluid or semifluid: such as. a : slowing of the current of circulating blood.

What’s another word for movement?

What is another word for movement?movemotionactionactivitymaneuverUSmanoeuvreUKactgesturegesticulationoperation81 more rows

What strength means?

the quality or state of being strong; bodily or muscular power; vigor. mental power, force, or vigor. moral power, firmness, or courage. power by reason of influence, authority, resources, numbers, etc. … effective force, potency, or cogency, as of inducements or arguments: the strength of his plea.