Question: Why Would My Boyfriend Keep Pictures Of His Ex?

Do guys keep pictures of their ex?

20% of men who are in relationships say they have hidden photos of their exes from their current partner.

17% said they feel guilty about keeping photos.

12% admit that they still have feelings for their ex, which may explain why they feel so guilty.

9% of guys keep pictures in hidden files on their computer..

Why does my boyfriend still have pictures of his ex on Instagram?

His ex was a part of his life and I’m sure he has fond and not so fond memories of his ex that he’d like to keep. … The pictures may remind him of some good times but they also remind him that now he’s with you, someone he currently has feelings for or love, not his ex, you.

What does it mean when your boyfriend looks up his ex?

Most guys like looking at attractive girls. Another reason to be looking up the ex could be to constantly reinforce the idea that he made the right decision in breaking up. He could be looking to see that she is isn’t having a good time with a new boyfriend or talking about all the fun things that she is doing in life.

Why is my boyfriend hiding me from his ex?

He’s keeping you a secret from his ex to preserve the relationship he has with her. He wants to keep her on the back burner and he knows she’ll take off when she realizes he is no longer emotionally and physically available in the way she believes him to be.

How do you tell if he’s not over his ex?

Is he ready to commit? 9 signs he’s not over his exHer name comes up…a lot. … He still seems angry with her. … He’s still mourning the relationship. … He considers her his best female friend. … He compares you to her. … He doesn’t bring you around mutual friends. … He’s still close to her family. … He hasn’t given back her stuff.More items…•

How do you know if he still loves his ex?

10 Signs He Is Still In Love With His ExThe relationship is long over, but he still talks to her. … He hasn’t removed her pictures from Social Media. … He brings up her name in conversations. … You’ve caught him stalking her online. … He sometimes calls you by her name. … You don’t feel like you are in a new relationship. … He still has her stuff.More items…•