Quick Answer: What Is Another Word For Store?

How do I build a small shop?

Here are our top 15 retail store design ideas from the pros:Grab Shoppers’ Attention with Digital Signage.

Go Green With Your Walls or Window Displays.

Have Background Music Your Customers Will Love.

Add QR Codes on Shelf Tags.

Have Customers Walk a Well-Thought Path.

Paint an Accent Wall.

Adjust Your Lighting.More items…•.

What is the best name for online store?

These are the best online shopping related business names for your company:Jackson Street.Joy Box.Lazy B.Levelex Grocery.Creating Commerce.Budding Business.Crafty Commerce.Sure To Shop.More items…

What does atelier mean?

1 : an artist’s or designer’s studio or workroom. 2 : workshop.

What is another word for shops?

What is another word for shop?storeemporiumdepartment storemini-mallretail storeshopping centercash and carrychain storefactory outletflea market50 more rows

What is another word for market or store?

What is another word for market?bazaarmarketplacestoreshopmalloutletsupermarkethypermarketshowroomdepartment store47 more rows

What is the opposite of shopping?

“We apologize for your loss, but we cannot refund money for items that you have personally broken or misplaced.”…What is the opposite of shopping?antagonismcompetitiondetractionhumilitymodestyopposition

What is the opposite of market?

A market economy is the basis of the capitalist system. The opposite of a market economy — i.e, a “non-market” or “planned” economy — is one that is heavily regulated or controlled by the government, most notably in socialist or communist countries.

What is another word for ask for?

Ask Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for ask?enquireUKquerygo overhithit upmake inquiriesneedleput a question torequest informationrequest information of228 more rows

What are clothing stores called?

A clothes shop or clothes store is any shop which sells items of ready-made clothing. A small shop which sells expensive or designer clothing may be called a boutique. A shop that sells clothes for a narrowly-restricted market such as school uniforms or outdoor sports may be called an outfitter.

What’s another word for outlet?

What is another word for outlet?marketshopshowroomretail outletselling placedepartment storefactory storemill storeseconds storechain store48 more rows

Which is the closest synonym for the word consumer?

Synonyms for consumerbuyer.customer.purchaser.shopper.user.enjoyer.end user.

What are the different types of stores?

7 types of retail storesDepartment stores. This type of retail outlets is one of the most complex types of establishments that offer a wide range of products. … Specialty store. … Supermarkets. … Convenience stores. … Discount stores. … Hypermarkets or superstores.

What is group of ships called?

For example, a group of ships is called a fleet, a group of cows is called a herd, a groupd of lions is called a pride, a group of baseball players is called a team, and a group of ants is called a colony. Some Collective Nouns: List of Collective Nouns by Collective Noun. List of Collective Nouns by Noun.

What is a small store called?

A convenience store, convenience shop, or corner store is a small retail business that stocks a range of everyday items such as coffee, groceries, snack foods, confectionery, soft drinks, tobacco products, over-the-counter drugs, toiletries, newspapers, and magazines.

What are three other names for a market economy?

What is another word for market economy?free-enterprise economyfree marketfree-market economylaissez-faire economymarket-based economymarket-directed economymarket-oriented economymarket society

What is the best synonym for store?

department storeanchor store.chain store.dime store.discount store.five-and-dime store.outlet store.shop.store.

What is a group of shops called?

Shopping hubs, or shopping centers, are collections of stores; that is a grouping of several businesses in a compact geographic area. … Traditionally, shopping hubs were called bazaars or marketplaces; an assortment of stalls lining streets selling a large variety of goods..