Quick Answer: What Is The Value Of Sin Square 15?

Is the value of sin 60?

The exact value of sin(60°) sin ( 60 ° ) is √32 ..

What is the value for sin 30?

0.5The value of sin 30 degrees is 0.5. Sin 30 is also written as sin π/6, in radians. The trigonometric function also called as an angle function relates the angles of a triangle to the length of its sides.

How do you solve cos 75?

Answer and Explanation: The value of cos(75°) is √6−√24 6 − 2 4 . Notice that we can write 75° as 30° + 45°.

What is the value of sin Square 15 degree?

∴ sin 15° = (√3−1)/2√2 Register at BYJU’S to learn all about trigonometry and its formulas.

How do you find the value of sin 15?

An exact value for sin15∘… Add to your resource collection We will use the identity sin(x−y)=sinxcosy−sinycosx. We have that sin15∘=sin(45−30)∘=sin45∘cos30∘−cos45∘sin30∘=1√2√32−1√212=√2√32×2−√22×2=√6−√24. and so, since cosθ is positive between 0∘ and 90∘, cos15∘=√6+√24.