Quick Answer: What’S Another Name For Food Chain?

What is food chain and example?

A food chain only follows just one path as animals find food.

eg: A hawk eats a snake, which has eaten a frog, which has eaten a grasshopper, which has eaten grass.

A food web shows the many different paths plants and animals are connected.

eg: A hawk might also eat a mouse, a squirrel, a frog or some other animal..

What is a sentence for omnivore?

Omnivorous sentence examples. Both species are omnivorous, feeding voraciously on fruits and insects. Both species agree in their predaceous habits, omnivorous diet and great fecundity. As might have been supposed from their dentition, the bears are omnivorous; but.

Are humans at the top of the food chain?

Humans aren’t at the top of the food chain. In fact, we’re nowhere near the top. Ecologists rank species by their diets using a metric called the trophic level. … They found that the global HTL average is a measly 2.21, which puts the human diet on par with pigs and anchovies.

What is an antonym for food chain?

Antonyms. inedible tough unpalatable indigestible undrinkable. Etymology. food (English)

What is the other name for answer?

Answer, rejoinder, reply, response, retort all mean words used to meet a question, remark, charge, etc. An answer is a return remark: an answer giving the desired information.

What is a sentence for food chain?

Food-chain sentence examples. unfit meat entering into the food chain ‘ . intestines of calves under six months old were banned from entering the human food chain. The food chain affects us all; only a few will be eaten by cannibals.

What is the definition of food chain?

Food chain, in ecology, the sequence of transfers of matter and energy in the form of food from organism to organism. Food chains intertwine locally into a food web because most organisms consume more than one type of animal or plant. … In a predator chain, a plant-eating animal is eaten by a flesh-eating animal.

What is food chain in nature?

A food chain describes how energy and nutrients move through an ecosystem. At the basic level there are plants that produce the energy, then it moves up to higher-level organisms like herbivores. … In the food chain, energy is transferred from one living organism through another in the form of food.

What are two types of food chain?

There are two types of food chains: the grazing food chain, beginning with autotrophs, and the detrital food chain, beginning with dead organic matter (Smith & Smith 2009).

What is food chain give examples?

A food chain is a linear network of links in a food web starting from producer organisms and ending at apex predator species, detritivores, or decomposer species. eg. Next come organisms that eat the autotrophs; these organisms are called herbivores or primary consumers — an example is a rabbit that eats grass.

What is a sentence for Decomposer?

Decomposer sentence examples. This is because the decomposer organisms are too cold to work quickly. The mixture of hydrochloric acid and air is taken directly from the ” decomposing-pan ” of an ordinary salt-cake furnace, is first cooled down in pipes sufficiently to condense most of the moisture present 1 ?