What Does Automatically Lapse Mean?

What is the synonym of lapse?

deteriorate, decline, fall, fall off, drop, worsen, degenerate, decay, rot, backslide, regress, retrogress, get worse, sink, wane, slump, fail.

informal go downhill, go to pot, go to the dogs, go down the toilet, hit the skids.


improve, strengthen.

4’she lapsed into silence’.

What is a lapse of Judgement?

The definition of a lapse is a temporary failure in judgment or behavior or something that has declined in quality. … An example of lapse is when a person temporarily stops paying attention or shows bad judgment.

What will happen if insurance policy lapse?

A lapsed policy can take away the insurance benefits associated with it. … The term lapse refers to a “lapse in coverage”, meaning the life insurance contract will no longer pay a death benefit or provide any insurance coverage for the insured person.

How do you revive a lapsed policy?

Special Revival Scheme A lapsed policy can be revived under the revival scheme by shifting the original date of commencement by the period of maximum two years. Under the Money Back Plan, policyholders have to bear policy preparation charges and stamp fee.

Is a lapse in auto insurance bad?

Even if you don’t drive your car during a lapse in coverage, the consequences could be substantial. A gap in coverage on your record makes it look like you’re a high risk driver. Insurance companies could charge you a higher premium to make up for that risk, depending on your state.

How do you use lapse in a sentence?

Lapse sentence examplesThe lapse of time between Neh. … In spite of the time lapse between practice sessions, she did well enough to win his praise. … He was eligible for re-election after the lapse of a fortnight. … “Browns” is a lapse of the pencil for “brown eyes.”More items…

What is the difference between lapse and elapse?

As verbs the difference between lapse and elapse is that lapse is to fall away gradually; to subside while elapse is (of time) to pass or move by.

What part of speech is lapse?

lapsepart of speech:nounpart of speech:intransitive verbinflections:lapses, lapsing, lapseddefinition 1:to decline from or fail to meet an established or accepted standard, usu. temporarily, unintentionally, or in a minor way. They never lapsed in their faithfulness to each other. similar words: fault, miss, slip14 more rows

What is the cheapest insurance company?

Cheapest Car Insurance CompaniesUSAA is the cheapest car insurance company, and it offers the lowest car insurance rates in the country, according to our analysis. … Geico is the second-cheapest car insurance company, with a study rate of $1,168 annually. … State Farm is the third-cheapest car insurance company in our study.More items…•

What is the meaning of lapse of time?

Meaning of lapse of time in English a period of time that passes: There was a considerable lapse of time between agreement being obtained and work actually going ahead. … The contracts had been terminated because they had expired by lapse of time.

What does a lapse in auto insurance mean?

Your insurance policy may have lapsed meaning it has been cancelled due to non-payment. … The important thing to understand is that when a policy lapses the policyholder is no longer covered by the insurer . Additionally allowing an insurance policy to lapse has implications for the future.

How do you spell laugh?

laughlaegh – 13.9%lgh – 7.62%laug – 5.33%lagh – 3.43%laph – 2.67%Other – 67.05%

How does a universal life insurance policy lapse?

Universal life insurance typically guarantees a rate up to a certain age, such as 100 or 105. If you live past that age, you can still keep the policy in force but will have to pay a substantial rate increase. A universal life policy will expire if you stop paying the premiums and the cash value becomes depleted.

Does insurance lapse affect credit?

First, the bad news: Your car insurance premiums, like your cell phone payment and other monthly bills, don’t show up on your credit report. If you fail to pay your car insurance on time, however, that lapse will lower your score. … Don’t pay for your credit report when you don’t have to.

What is the opposite of lapse?

What is the opposite of lapse?ascentimprovementincreaserisebettermentsnapbackrevitalizationrecoverycomebackrecuperation6 more rows

What is the opposite of time lapse?

For example, an image of a scene may be captured once every second, then played back at 30 frames per second; the result is an apparent 30 times speed increase. Time-lapse photography can be considered the opposite of high speed photography or slow motion.

What does lapse my policy mean?

Definition: The policy for which all benefits to the policy holder cease and is terminated due to non payment of premium amount on the due date or even after the grace period is called a lapsed policy. … However, a lapsed policy may be revived by fulfilling the terms and conditions as per the policy statement.

What involves the lapse of an offer?

(a) An offer lapses when. i) the party to whom it is made fails to accept it within the time or in the manner prescribed by the offeror, or, if no time or manner is prescribed, within a time or in a manner reasonable under the circumstances, ii)