What Is An Example Of Effort?

How do you show effort?

10 Ways To Put Effort Into Your Relationship1- Simply be friends with one another- laugh and be silly together.2- Speak highly of your partner to others -don’t talk bad about the person you love.3- Show affection towards each other -In public and in private.4- Communicate – this doesn’t mean say “hi” in passing.

5- Put your significant other first.More items…•.

Do you make effort?

If you make the effort to do something, you do it, even though you need extra energy to do it or you do not really want to.

How do you say good effort?

Ways to Say GOOD JOB or VERY GOODYou’re on the right track now!You’ve got it made.That’s right!That’s good.I’m very proud of you.You’re really working hard today.You are very good at that.That’s coming along nicely.More items…

Why is effort important for success?

Effort teaches us that we can do more than we thought. We learn new skills and abilities when we take the time to put in consistent effort. Every new success that we achieve through our efforts increases our confidence in ourselves and our abilities. Effort keeps us focused on success.

What is the verb for effort?

effort (third-person singular simple present efforts, present participle efforting, simple past and past participle efforted)

What is another way to say in an effort to?

What is another word for in an effort to?in an attempt toin order thatso as tosuch thatwith the intention ofwith the object ofwith the purpose oftoso thataiming to6 more rows

How do you use effort in a sentence?

Effort sentence examplesI admire the effort and sacrifice you put into it. … Some people just put more effort into distinguishing right from wrong than others. … It took too much effort to look up at the sun to measure time. … With a little effort she located a canteen. … She made no effort to catch them, letting them fall at her feet.More items…

What does it mean to make every effort?

make every effort to do something to try very hard to accomplish something. I will make every effort to be there on time.

What does in effort to mean?

In an effort to = “In an attempt to” Traditionally, the phrase In an effort to create a culture within my classroom is an adverbial phrase. Here are some examples of adverbial phrases (from the Wikipedia page): in a short time, near the wall, in a civilized way, in an hour, when I’ve finished my book.

What does a good effort mean?

“Good effort” means that you tried your best on something but perhaps made one or a few mistakes. The person telling you “good effort” can see that you tried to do well and are saying “good effort” to encourage you to do better.

Is it in effort or in an effort?

“In an effort to” refers to a single effort. “In efforts to” refers to two or more efforts. Examples: “In an effort to be friendly, she asked if he was enjoying himself”.

What is another word for effort?

What is another word for effort?attemptendeavorUSofferundertakingstrugglestrivingexperimentdry runexertiontryout63 more rows

How do you say great effort?

21 ways to say “well done”I’m proud you’re on my team.Congratulations on a terrific job.You’re so helpful. Thank you.You continually improve. Well done.Thanks so much for your consistent effort.I really admire your perseverance.Your cheerful mood lifts the team’s spirit.You’re a champion.More items…•

Can we say efforts?

4 Answers. I would use effort. You need a mass noun there, like work — and indeed, effort in that sentence means the total work involved. Efforts indicates attempts, which you don’t really want to imply, even if they were ultimately successful.

What do you mean effort?

noun. exertion of physical or mental power: It will take great effort to achieve victory. an earnest or strenuous attempt: an effort to keep to the schedule. something done by exertion or hard work: I thought it would be easy, but it was an effort.