What Is Another Name For Cocktail Hour?

What is another name for happy hour?

What is another word for happy hour?pausebreakstoppagebreatherhesitationinterluderestwaitdiscontinuanceintermission201 more rows.

How do you host a cocktail party at home?

Cocktail TipsStock up on plenty of ice. … Be prepared with an assortment of glass styles to cover the type of drinks you plan to serve. … Have twice as many glasses on hand as guests. … For a two-hour party where you only plan on serving wine and/or champagne, you’ll need to have one bottle for every two guests.More items…•

What do the bride and groom do during cocktail hour?

The cocktail hour is a great time to have your guests mingle, eat some hors d’oeuvres and wind down before the party gets started. Bride and Groom: The bride and groom are arriving from their photo session and preparing to enter the venue as newlyweds.

What do you call a cocktail party?

What is another word for cocktail party?eventfunctiondrinks partyleveerave-upknees-upthrashbunfightsocial occasionbeano96 more rows

What do you call a cocktail hour without alcohol?

This is a list of non-alcoholic mixed drinks, virgin cocktails (cocktails made without alcohol; also called mocktails), and some non-alcoholic punches that do not contain any alcohol. …

What is the best time for a cocktail party?

A cocktail party starts later on in the day, outside of the usual meal time time frames. Therefore, the ideal time to host a cocktail party is in the late afternoon before dinner time, or at least 30 minutes after what most people would consider dinner time, which is is usually after 7:30 pm.

How long is cocktail hour?

Make It an Hour (Max) The cocktail hour gets its name for a reason: it’s an hour of enjoying drinks and mingling before the reception. There is absolutely no need to let this mini pre-party flow over 60 minutes.

What can I do instead of cocktail hour?

Play lawn games Croquet, cornhole, giant Jenga, giant checkers, homemade Twister — there are dozens of fun lawn-game options to keep your more playful guests entertained. Having games set up for your guests to play at their leisure is a fun and memorable way to make your cocktail hour unique.

What is social hour?

1. Definition (expr.) time spent talking and hanging out with people. Examples We’re having a social hour at school this Friday so we can meet all the new students. Take “social-hour” Quiz.

What does cocktail hour mean?

noun. the interval before the evening meal during which cocktails and other alcoholic beverages are often served.

What is Cocktail Party Syndrome?

Abstract. Describes the functioning, diagnosis, and habilitation goals for individuals with the cocktail party syndrome (CPS). This disorder is often found in individuals who had a childhood form of hydrocephalus in which their cerebrospinal fluid collected in their brain causing neuropsychological deficits.