Where Are The 26 Copies Of The Declaration Of Independence?

How much is a copy of Declaration of Independence worth?

The price of ‘independence’: $8.1 million.

For John Dunlap, the night of July 4, 1776, was spent in the dim light of his Philadelphia print shop, churning out a first draft of history..

Can you see the original Declaration of Independence?

The National Archives Building is home to more than three billion records in total, including the three most important documents in American history: the Declaration of Independence, the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights. These can be viewed in the building’s Rotunda for the Charters of Freedom.

Who did not sign the Declaration of Independence?

Signer details. Eight delegates never signed the Declaration, out of about 50 who are thought to have been present in Congress during the voting on independence in early July 1776: John Alsop, George Clinton, John Dickinson, Charles Humphreys, Robert R. Livingston, John Rogers, Thomas Willing, and Henry Wisner.

How many actually signed the US Declaration of Independence on July 4th?

56These are the 56 people who signed the Declaration of Independence.

Is it possible to steal the Declaration of Independence?

impossible” to steal the document, explained Susan Cooper, a spokesperson for the National Archives. … And as an extra precaution, the document is taken to an underground vault at night. According to Cooper, no one has ever attempted to make off with the Declaration.

What happened to the original Declaration of Independence?

Throughout the Revolutionary War, the engrossed copy was moved with the Continental Congress, which relocated several times to avoid the British army. In 1789, after creation of a new government under the United States Constitution, the engrossed Declaration was transferred to the custody of the secretary of state.

What is the largest signature on the Declaration of Independence?

John HancockJohn Hancock – John Hancock was President of Congress during the debate about the Declaration of Independence and during its signing. His signature is the first and largest on the Declaration.

What museum holds the Declaration of Independence?

the National Archives BuildingVisit the Museum The Rotunda of the National Archives Building displays the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the Declaration of Independence.

Where are all the copies of the Declaration of Independence?

the National ArchivesIt’s a remarkable discovery, because the only other parchment manuscript copy of the historic document is housed behind glass at the National Archives in Washington, DC. You see, most copies of the Declaration of Independence are just that — copies.

How many original copies of the Declaration of Independence remain?

26 copiesOf the hundreds thought to have been printed on the night of July 4, only 26 copies survive. Most are held in museum and library collections, but three are privately owned.

Did King George get a copy of the Declaration of Independence?

After the Declaration was passed on July 4, 1776, Congress ordered that it be sent to a printer named John Dunlap. … The signers sent a copy of the Declaration to King George III with only two names on it: John Hancock and Charles Thomson, the President and the Secretary of the Continental Congress.

Did Alexander Hamilton sign the Declaration of Independence?

Alexander Hamilton did not sign the Declaration of Independence, he was considered a Founding Father due to his role in framing the Constitution. In 1787, he entered public life again constructed a draft for the Constitution and served another term in the Continental Congress.